The wedding BFF you didn't know you needed!

We give your time and sanity back by taking the guesswork out of planning and hours of vendor searching by provided vendor concierge, checklists, and progress tracking. It's as simple as three easy steps.

1. Search our site f​or the perfect Wedding planning package to meet your needs!

We have 4 packages ready to go to ease your mind. From consultations per hour to partial planning. All Coordinator packages include venue set-up/assistance. Check here for availability.

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2. Contact us to easily book your wedding date.

Click and fill out the form! It's that easy! That will give me all the details to assist you in your needs. You can also email me at [email protected]

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3. Enjoy Your Perfect Wedding Day!

Cruise into your wedding day knowing we've covered everything (except maybe what happens when Aunt Mildred starts the Wobble). The only thing you should be concerned about is how fast to get down that aisle! 

What our customers are saying

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bri!! I have recommended her to every person I’ve heard of getting married!!

What a blessing she was to allow me to calm my nerves in the bridal suite, all I had to do was get myself ready. She literally handled EVERYTHING.

I did not touch a single decoration!! She came to see the venue with me early and had 1 million ideas, and questions that I would have never thought of. I’m so thankful you all have the opportunity to let her help you out. She is the ONE thing you NEED!

--Ashley C., Juniper Gardens, 2021


I would Highly recommend Bri to anyone needing extra help coordinating their wedding day. She sent me texts throughout the day showing pictures of the set up and had a lot of great ideas when we walked through beforehand. It really helped me to know that she had thought of little details and had everything ready for us alert the ceremony.

--Ashley D., The JC Millbottom, 2021